Juntos Youth Receive Deferred Action Scholarships

Since the U.S government started accepting applications for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in August thousands of undocumented youth have applied. DACA would make it possible for eligible youth to receive a work permit and be protected from deportation for 2 years after which they would have to renew their permit. Unfortunately one of the biggest barriers for young people in our community to apply is the cost of $465 in fees. 

Therefore Juntos, in partnership with the Hispanic Federation, recently awarded five scholarships to some of the strongest youth leaders and fighters in our community.  This scholarship pays for their DACA application in full.

The Juntos scholarship recipients are

Jaqueline Gomez
Olivia Vazquez

Kenny Mejia
Montseratt Gallegos
Safkat Sajid 

Here at Juntos we would like to congratulate all of our youth for their tremendous power and dedication.  Adelante!

Juntos Youth Recipients of DACA Scholarships

Juntos Youth Recipients of DACA Scholarships

Juntos is Hiring!

This is an exciting time here at Juntos! After an amazing year and many victories for our community we are read to take the next step and we are looking to hire a consultant as a curriculum specialist.  If you are interested in working with us or know someone who would please send us a cover letter, resume or CV, and a 1-2 page proposal to be considered to Erika Almiron at Erika@VamosJuntos.org

Below is a PDF of the job description, please take a look at it and share widely with all of your contacts.

Download (DOCX, 35KB)