Congratulations to our DACA scholarship winners!


DACA applications can be a long and difficult process, especially when going about it alone. So this past Sunday at Juntos we held a legal clinic to help young people complete their applications. With the support of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT), we had trained volunteers and pro-bono attorneys available to help people get screened for DACA, start their applications, and complete them.

DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is a way for undocumented young people who came into the United States before June 15, 2007 and were under 16 when they came to get a temporary work permit and protection from deportation. Applications cost $465.

The PFT also donated three full scholarships for the young people who participated in the clinics, which were raffled out after the clinic. Below are the three lucky winners:

Annaline Cerón

Ricardo Alejandro Perez
María Teodoro


If you or someone you know needs help on their DACA application, contact us at 215-218-9079.

Juntos community leaders in full force in Harrisburg, PA


Community members make their presence known in Harrisburg, PA

On Tuesday, April 29th 2014 our friends in PICC (Pennsylvania Immigrant and Citizenship Coalition) organized their annual lobby day in Harrisburg, PA to allow community members and allies go in person and advocate for pro immigrant legislations, specifically the PA DreamAct (SB713) and the Drivers License Bill for Undocumented Immigrants (HB1648). Juntos had close to 60 community members and 9 different Latin American countries represented in Harrisburg yesterday and through their hard work, during one of their meetings with Representative Jordan Harris they were able to secure another co-sponsor for HB1648 right then and there! We are extremely proud of the work our community leaders are doing in support of their communities and we also want to thank PICC for organizing this event

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Join the #Free2Dream Campaign

Get your DreamPhoto taken this Wednesday and join the #Free2Dream Campaign

When: Wednesday, August 21st 5-9pm.
Where: Juntos’office, 2029 S. 8th St. Philadelphia, PA
Join us for the launch of the #Free2Dream campaign in support of the Pennsylvania Dream Act. Currently the PA Dream Act, which would allow all students access to in-state tuition rates at colleges and universities in PA regardless of immigration status, is in the State Education Committee. We need to let our elected officials know they MUST support college access for our youth by bringing up the PA Dream Act (SB 713) to a vote in the Education Committee NOW.The #Free2Dream campaign aims to demonstrate how much support the PA Dream Act has across the state and the need to act now to support our youth.Once again please join us in person this Wednesday, August 21st between 5-9pm at 2029 S8th st Philadelphia  to get your official Dream Photo taken!

How can YOU help pass the Pennsylvania DREAM Act

We need YOUR help to pass the Pennsylvania DREAM Act. We urge you to contact your local state representatives and pressure them to vote yes on Senate Bill 713 when it is presented in front of them.
Below we have provided a tool you can use to look up your local elected official.
Please also sign the petition below to ensure that your elected officials get an email urging them to pass this important piece of legislation

On March 16 Senator Lloyd Smucker (R) from Lancaster PA Introduced the Pennsylvania DREAM Act into the Senate. Juntos DREAMers, along with other youth in the state and the Pennsylvania Immigrant and Citizenship Coalition (PICC)  sat down and met with the senator prior to the bill being introduced to draft the initial language of the bill and ensure that this bill is for and by the community that will be most affected.
Now that the bill has been introduced it is up to us, the people, to pressure our elected officials into making sure that this important piece of legislation passes.

Untitled drawing (1) Please click HERE to sign our Petition

The Pennsylvania DREAM Act will provide the opportunity for undocumented young adults who have graduated from a high school in Pennsylvania, or have a GED certificate , to pay in-state tuition rates at public institutions of higher learning in Pennsylvania. Most of the time undocumented students applying to college get charged international or out-of state tuition rates, which are 3-4 times more expensive than the regular in-state tuition they would get charged if they were documented. These are young adults that have grown up in Pennsylvania and they and their families have been contributing to the economy of the state. In 2010 families with undocumented heads of households paid approximately $135 million in state and local taxes. Passing the PA DREAM Act would increase the potential for those benefiting from it  to increase their potential to contribute back to the state even more by becoming college educated productive tax payers.

This bill is not only beneficial to undocumented young adults but also to the whole of Pennsylvania. Allowing more students to access a college education, who would otherwise not be able to afford it, will increase the number of students enrolling into public institutions of higher learning and therefore increase college revenues. State DREAM Acts have passed already in 13 other states and they have provided huge economic benefits to public institutions.

We in Juntos see that denying students to ability to pay in-state tuition is unjust and as against the values of equality that this country was founded upon. We see education as a human right and therefore the access to education as well.

Please use the search box below to look up the contact info of your local state representatives and tell them to pass this important piece of legislation.


Locate your Senators and Representative

ex: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500