Juntos is the first stop for Caravan heading to US/Mexico Border

Juntos is the first stop for Caravan heading to US/Mexico Border


On October 11th, Juntos members opened the office doors to host members of la Caravana de Apoyo Hacia La Frontera, a caravan of New York immigrants and activists that traveled to Texas to bring attention to the border crisis. Juntos members, the Philadelphia International Action Center and members of the Philadelphia community welcomed the caravanistas and presented the work being done in the PA region, as well as materials for other cities to get more involved. Members of the caravan then shared their personal stories and their goal to raise funds for water stations for immigrants making the dangerous trek across the border.The interchanged ended with a screening of Immigrant for Sale and the PFUN Ice Holds PSA.
Many thanks to the International Action Center, NY May First Coalition & IFCO/Pastors for Peace for organizing the caravan and raising awareness to the human rights violations at the border.

Juntos leaders protest Congressional Hispanic Caucus

Juntos leaders protest Congressional Hispanic Caucus


On October 2nd, Juntos leaders went to D.C. to participate in protests demanding that the President take executive action on immigration now. Juntos members included Maritza Guzman and Blanca Colin, Norristown residents fighting to free their husbands from detention. That evening the Congressional Hispanic Caucus was honoring President Obama at their annual gala. Just a few weeks prior that had publicly demanded that the President take executive action before thanksgiving but reversed their stance after meeting the administration. The result is over 60,000 deportations between Obama’s decision to not take action, which he announced in September, and the elections Nov. 4th. Juntos leaders joined other members of the immigrant community in protests outside the gala while NDLON  member and DACA recipient, Blanca Hernandez, attended the gala and confronted the President on his lack of action. The message was heard clearly by the President, we will continue to fight to end deportations until everyone in our community is safe.

Coming Out: Storytelling on being Queer and/or Undocumented

Coming Out: Storytelling on being Queer and/or Undocumented


On September 15th, 2014 Juntos partnered with GALAEI, a latino queer social justice organization in Philadelphia, to bring to light the intersections between the Latino-Immigrant community and the Queer-Latino community in Philadelphia. What came out of this partnership was a landmark panel discussion that highlighted the process of “Coming Out” wether it is about your sexual orientation or your immigration status. The parallels that were brought up showed us that our communities have more in common than in differences and that it is because of these shared experiences that our communities should join forces.

Below is a video of the panel discussion that occurred.

Storytelling About Being Queer and/or Undocumented from PhillyCAM on Vimeo.

Juntos Happy Hour Fundraiser at Mixto

Join us for a Happy Hour Fundraiser on Tuesday, July 29, from 4pm to 7pm at Mixto restaurant in Philly (1141 Pine St).

Help us celebrate the victories this past year and envision the future with us. Tickets can be purchased online (info below) or at the door for $25. Ticket purchase includes the following:

  • Free appetizers courtesy of Mixto  and first drink is on Juntos
  • Silent art auction featuring various Philadelphia artists
  • Juntos merchandise: buy your own Sí Se Puede shirt, handmade screen prints of la Virgen de Guadalupe
  • Short program with Juntos community and youth leaders

Purchase your tickets online on Eventbrite and be sure to RSVP on facebook.

Don’t forget to bring your checkbooks and/or credit card to donate or become a sustainer!

Let’s celebrate who we are, what we have achieved, and what we hope for the future.