Sign Our Petition! America Starts Here, The Hate Stops Here!

Click here to sign the petition! Tell Pennsylvania State Senators and Representatives that you do not want PA to be the next Arizona or Alabama!

SB9, HB 439, and all the E-Verify bills were introduced as anti-immigrant bills in Pennsylvania but in reality they will affect thousands of poor and working families across our state. SB9 if passed will leave many American families vulnerable to poverty and HB 439 could leave many of our local business vulnerable to closure.

E-Verify is an attack on workers who deserve protections and will only make all workers vulnerable to pay decreases and exploitative conditions. Passing E-Verify will not bring back jobs nor will it decrease the unemployment rate; rather, it will increase it.

Pennsylvania must avoid the mistakes that states before us have made, like Arizona, which endured a $141 million economic loss due to their anti-immigrant legislation SB1070. This kind of legislation will hurt our families, our businesses, and our communities.

Pennsylvania has a slogan: “America Starts Here.”  We believe that if America starts here, the Hate MUST STOP here. Please sign the petition and tell your state elected official that you stand in solidarity with Pennsylvania’s residents, workers, and families