Juntos community leaders in full force in Harrisburg, PA


Community members make their presence known in Harrisburg, PA

On Tuesday, April 29th 2014 our friends in PICC (Pennsylvania Immigrant and Citizenship Coalition) organized their annual lobby day in Harrisburg, PA to allow community members and allies go in person and advocate for pro immigrant legislations, specifically the PA DreamAct (SB713) and the Drivers License Bill for Undocumented Immigrants (HB1648). Juntos had close to 60 community members and 9 different Latin American countries represented in Harrisburg yesterday and through their hard work, during one of their meetings with Representative Jordan Harris they were able to secure another co-sponsor for HB1648 right then and there! We are extremely proud of the work our community leaders are doing in support of their communities and we also want to thank PICC for organizing this event

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