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Ven y aprende del trabajo que hace JUNTOS

Estas invitado a nuestra asamblea publica y a ser parte del movimiento por una reforma migratoria este 2013 JUNTOS es una organización liderada por la comunidad que lucha por los derechos humanos de los inmigrantes. Te invitamos a conocer que logramos en el 2012 y en qué trabajaremos en el 2013. Ven a nuestra Casa Abierta el próximo domingo 20 de enero a las 10:30am en el auditorio de JUNTOS

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You’re Invited to Juntos’ Open House!

Be part of the Movement for Immigration Reform this 2013! JUNTOS is a community-led organization that fights for human and immigrant rights. We invite you to come and find out what we achieved in 2012 and what we will be working on in 2013. What: Juntos’ Open House When: Sunday, January 20 at 2:00 PM Where: JUNTOS auditorium, 2029 South 8th St. We will have food and childcare available. The organization

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Juntos Youth Receive Deferred Action Scholarships

Since the U.S government started accepting applications for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in August thousands of undocumented youth have applied. DACA would make it possible for eligible youth to receive a work permit and be protected from deportation for 2 years after which they would have to renew their permit. Unfortunately one of the biggest barriers for young people in our community to apply is the cost of $465

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Juntos is Hiring!

This is an exciting time here at Juntos! After an amazing year and many victories for our community we are read to take the next step and we are looking to hire a consultant as a curriculum specialist.  If you are interested in working with us or know someone who would please send us a cover letter, resume or CV, and a 1-2 page proposal to be considered to Erika

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