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Juntos is Hiring an Office Manager / Program Assistant

Job Posting Office Manager / Program Assistant The Office Manager / Program Assistant for Juntos will support the organization’s office, administrative operations and its programs. H e or she will report directly to the Executive Director. Key Responsibilities Overseeing the smooth function of the office Serve as primary contact administratively for the organization Being in charge of phones, messages, and making sure calls have been returned. Managing general communication accounts

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Juntos is Hiring a Part-Time Organizer

We are hiring in Juntos for a new organizer and that person may be you. Please send us your resume and cover letter to by June 10, 2016. Job description below. Juntos’ organizer will continue to build our human rights campaigns through broad based coalition building and leadership development of leaders in the committees of the organization. Qualifications required: Bi-lingual in Spanish and English Flexible schedule; some nights and

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La Licencia del Centro de Detención de Familia de Berks Ha Sido Revocada

La Licencia del Centro de Detención de Familia de Berks Ha Sido Revocada En el día 27 de Enero, el departamento de Servicios Humanos de PA (DHS PA por sus siglas en Inglés) emitió aviso de que la licencia del Centro de Detención de Familias del Condado de Berks (CRCB por sus siglas en Inglés) no será renovada y al contrario, será revocada oficialmente, poniéndole fin a la detención de

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Berks Family Detention Center’s License Revoked

Berks Family Detention Center’s License Revoked Pennsylvania – On January 27th Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (PA DHS) issued notice that the licensing of the Berks County Family Detention Center (BCRC) would not be renewed and officially revoked, potentially ending family detention in Pennsylvania. The Shut Down Berks Coalition hails this action as a victory for the state and the country against the horrible abuse and rights violations immigrant families have

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