Register for Juntos’ first ever UndocuQueer art project!

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As pride season draws closer we’re proud to announce that on Sunday, May 31st, for the first time in the history of the organization, we will be launching a nine week art & history workshop series. A workshop series that is for & by LGBTQ Latino-Immigrants.

Too often the voices and experiences of our communities are ignored, forgotten and erased. This series of workshops have been created with the intention of informing young LGBTQ Latino-Immigrants on vital Latino/LGBTQ political history in Philadelphia & in the nation while also giving them the tools to create visual artwork that represents their own lived realities that are not often seen in mainstream movements.

If you want to register to participate in this landmark project please fill out the form below or call our offices at 215-218-9079. Registration is free, so register now!