In 2005, JUNTOS leaders won an organizing campaign to create safe-corriders with police support along routes frequented at night by immigrant workers returning home from work. In this same action the local precinct captains agreed to provide language access services to immigrant victims, witnesses, and arrested individuals. They also agreed not to question immigrants in police proceedings about their immigration status.

In 2006, JUNTOS leadership helped organize the February 14th march in Philadelphia against the proposed “Sensenbrennar Bill”, which would have criminalized undocumented immigrants. This march helped kick-off a national movement against criminalization of undocumented immigrants.

In 2009, JUNTOS leadership were a strong local voice in the drive for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, participating in local and national marches and moving our Congressmen to support comprehensive reform.

Since 2007, we have trained community leaders to document racial-profiling and human rights abuses through community-based media, and collaborated with our partners the New Sanctuary Movement and the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition (PICC) to end Police/ICE collaboration programs such as Secure Communities and other local ordinances in the City of Philadelphia.

Please listen to the links below of our community leaders as they speak about the need  for safe communities and policies that do not separate families. **Please note the names have been changed to protect confidentiality. English versions are available on this page, and the original versions in Spanish are available on the Spanish site.

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Listen to testimony by:

Antonio Vela

Diego Torres

Guadalupe Hernández

Ignacio Aguirre

Maria Garcia

María Vargas 

Rubén León 

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