What is a “Community Resistance Zone?”

The idea of a Community Resistance Zone is to create an area where neighbors and community members know exactly what their rights are when it comes to ICE & police and to be able to defend their rights and their neighbors’ rights. Juntos’ Community Resistance Zone operates in the heart of South Philadelphia where a large portion of the city’s Latinx immigrant community lives.
Photo by Harvey Finkle
Juntos’ first CRZ was launched in November of 2017 during a 2 day span. During this time over 200 volunteers came to South Philadelphia to learn their rights, to teach others, and to knock on doors to reach community and allies at their homes. In this 48 hour time period we:
  • Knocked on over 2,500 doors in South Philly
  • Trained over 1,300 people on their rights &
  • Signed up over 500 resistors
Every participant in our Community Resistance Zone made a personal commitment to stand up and defend their neighbors in South Philly against any and all abuses at the hands of police and/or ICE. They learned their rights. And we built history together by building a network of defenders.
We need each other more than ever now. Since the 2016 presidential election, we have seen a spike in deportations, police abuse, racial profiling, hate crimes, etc. This is not a coincidence. Our current power structure preaches violence and hate, and we must unite to fight back.

How to build your own Community Resistance Zone

This guide was written and designed by Juntos with the hope that other communities and allies will take our Resistance Zone Model and replicate it within their own neighborhoods.
Participants who use our Community Resistance Zone guide will learn how to facilitate their own series of workshops. The workshops are designed to teach individuals about their rights and about the history of immigration in this country, as well as how to recognize and utilize different levels of privilege that they may hold.
The workshops included in this guide are:
  • Criminalization History Workshop
  • How To Prepare a Workshop
  • Effective Group Listening
  • Building Power Through Storytelling
  • Community Resistance How-To
  • Understanding Our Rights & Privileges
  • How To Talk To People At The Door

You can download the full guide here!