From 2006-2008, with the generous support of the Knight Foundation, JUNTOS implemented a video newscast project within the growing Latino immigrant community in Philadelphia. In conjunction with the Media Mobilizing Project, we trained over 60 participants in three workshop cycles to create audiovisual materials that communicate the lived experiences of immigrants in Philadelphia.

The workshops created a space for immigrant leaders to use video production as a window to discuss social issues confronted by their community, and to preserve the stories and culture of the immigrant community. The videos serve as a living testament to the resilience of the immigrant community, and also as an archive of our history and struggles in South Philadelphia. The videos have been broadcasted and used in various community media programs around the City. Immigrant leaders have also used the videos as tools in organizing campaigns or for popular education activities. Many of the graduates of the courses have used the media production skills they learned in the workshops to create their own projects and generate alternative income.

In 2009, in partnership with Furness High School, JUNTOS staff taught a for-credit class on youth identity, social movements, and media production. The youth studied issues of cultural and social identity through media studies and video production.

JUNTOS tries to infuse media-production and analysis into its various organizing initiatives. Please review our community video archive to see the videos produced by community leaders.