Historica Marcha a Harrisburg "Por Un Trato Justo"
Cover of El Sol, May 11th, Philadelphia PA
Una Sola Marcha, Filadelfia Unida Por Los Derechos Humanos
Cover of El Sol, Jan 18th, Philadelphia PA
Cover of Al Dia, September 21, 2012
Philadelphia, PA










On May 7th 2012, various media outlets, such as Al Dia, Univision 65 and El Zol de Philly 1340AM, accompanied us on our buses as we made our way to our historic demonstration in Harrisburg, PA against anti-immigrant bills that would harm not just the immigrant population of  but also poor and working class people across the state.





Print/Radio CBS/KYW (Nov 12 2012 Latino Community In Spotlight After Election)

Radio: Newsworks/WHYY (Nov 12 2012 ICE Deporting more immigrants from Montgomery County than Philadelphia)

Print: The Inquirer (Nov 12 2012 Tensions Rising for Norristown’s Latinos)

TV/Web: Huffington Post (Oct 10 2012 More Immigrants Please)  

Print: El Hispano (Oct 7 2012 Norristown Immigrant Abuse Report by JUNTOS Gets Attention from ICE)

Print: El Hispano (Sept 30 2012 Alleged Abuse of Immigrants in Norristown, Norristown on High Alert)

Print: Al Dia (Sept 20, 2012 Denuncian abuso policiaco contra latinos en Norristown)

Print: Philadelphia Inquirerer (Sept 20, 2012 Latino Group airs complaints about police in Norristown)

Print: The Times Herarld-Norristown (Sept 20, 2012 Norristown officials to investigate racial profiling allegations)

Blog: Norristown Patch (Sept 20, 2012 Human Rights Group Issues White Paper on Norristown Police-Latino Community Relations)

Print: El Sol (End of August DREAMAct a la Acción Diferida)

TV/Web: Huffington Post (Aug 21 2012 Out as Undocumented)

Print: Philadelphia Inquirer (Aug 16 2012, Next Step for Illegal Immigrants (DACA))

Print: El Hispano (July 1, 2012 A Step Toward the Dream, President Obama’s Policy Change on Undocumented and a Community’s Hope)

Print: Impacto Latino Newspaper (June 29, 2012 Protestan contra “Muéstreme sus papeles)

Print: Philadelphia Daily News (June 29, 2012 Demonstrators fill Independence Mall to protest AZ Immigration Law)

Print: Philadelphia Daily News (June 28, 2012 At Independence Mall, A rally against Ariz. Immigration Law)

Print: Philadelphia Daily News (June 26, 2012 In Pa., Conflicting opinions on Immigration Ruling)

TV: Univision 65 (June 27 2012 Cual es la realidad para los “Dreamers”?)

Print: The Philadelphia Public School Notebook (June 18, 2012 College Board Guide for Undocumented Students)

TV:Telemundo, Bandera (May 13, 2012 Juntos convoca a movilización masiva en Harrisburg)

Print:El Sol (May 11, 2012 Histórica Marcha a Harrisburg)

Print:Al Dia (May 10, 2012 La Lucha proinmigrante de Pennsylvania llegó al Capitolio de Harrisburg)

(Photos by AL DIA from the “Hate Stops Here” rally on May 7th)

Blog:Capitol Ideas w/ John L. Micek (May 8, 2012 Tuesday Morning Coffee: Senate GOP to unveil its Budget Counter-Offer Today)

Print:The Morning Call (May 7, 2012 Critics lash our at immigration bills during Capitol Rally)

Blog: Naked City (Philadelphia CityPaper) (May 7, 2012 Everyone protested Corbett today in Harrisburg)

Print:Al Dia (May 4, 2012 Juntos organiza movilización a Harrisburg este Lunes)

Blog:Capitol Ideas w/ John L. Micek (May 4, 2012 The Rites of Spring: Gigantic Rallies Planned at Captiol Next Week)

Print:Philadelphia Daily News (April 25, 2012 Rally to protest PA Immigration Bills)

Blog: La Realidad en Noticias (April, 2012 Súbete al Autobús)
January 16  2012 Juntos along with allies held a march down Broad St in Philadelphia on Martin Luther King Day advocating for the equal treatment of Immigrants in our society
El 16 de Enero 2012  Juntos, con organizaciones aliadas tuvimos una marcha por la Calle Broad en Filadelfia para exigir el trato igual de las comunidades inmigrantes en nuestra sociedad


Cover of Al Dia March 30th
Cover of Al Dia, March 30th Philadelphia, PA











Print: Al Dia (Dec 20, 2012 Borrón y Cuenta Nueva? Impacto de Cierre de Escuelas en la comunidad Latina)

Print: Philadelphia Public School Notebook (Nov 12 2012 Juntos joins Nationwide Push to support immigrant Students)

Print: Philadelphia Public School Notebook (May 18, 2012 For Immigrant Youth the Path to College is rarely smooth)

TV:Telemundo, Bandera (April 30, 2012 Los Retos del DREAMAct, Entrevista con Juntos)

Print: Al Dia (Apri 3, 2012 Budget cuts and restructuring may affect English learners in the Philadelphia School District)

Blog: El hisPANIC (March 28, 2012 Our Education is Important to Us)
Print: Philadelphia Daily News (March 28, 2012 Council Hears Lack of School bilingual Aids) 

Print:Al Dia (March 30, 2012 Más necesidad, menos fondos en el Distrito Escolar

Print: Philadelphia Public School Notebook (March 27, 2012 ELL Service Decimated, parents tell council)