Dear President Obama

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Dear Mr. President,


Your decision to wait until the end of summer to delay administrative relief for our communities and to stall the review of the racist policies and procedures of the Department of Homeland Security’s programs like Secure Communities is a clear indicator to our community that you are okay with thousands of more families being separated and the continued violations of our human rights.  Since your election you have promised to support our community in changing a punitive immigration system but all you have really done so far is deport over 2 million people and have thousands of community members human rights violated.


This stall tactic, supported by organizations deep in your administration’s pockets, will not work to bring Republicans to the negotiating table. These organizations who have come out in support of you and your decision to prolong the suffering of our communities are more interested in playing party politics and remaining in your good graces. We, on the other hand, are interested in ensuring that all our people have access to their rights, their families, and a dignified life.


It has always been clear that we cannot depend on either party to act in the best interest of our people; that is historic to this nation. But we will not remain silent. True change can only happen when we as a community fight back and force those in power to act in the best interest of society.  We have done that and will continue to do so until we end ALL deportations and human rights violations against our community.


Mr. President, you DO have the power to take executive action NOW to end ALL deportations. Every day you do not act 1,100 people are funneled through your deportation machine so we urge you to act now, as no amount of stalling or political maneuvering can stop us from organizing for the rights of our people.






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