Join the Free2Dream campaign and help pass the PA DreamAct

What is “Free2Dream?

On August 21st, 2013 JUNTOS launched the Free2Dream social media campaign to raise awareness and support for the Pennsylvania Dream Act. It consists of photographs of dreamers, allies and supporters with direct quotes from them as to why they believe/want the PA Dream Act to pass. In each photo, participants stand in front of a blank background with a piece of white ribbon/cloth that has their dream career written upon it. This symbolizes the silencing of dreams due to the inability to access a higher education.


What is the PA Dream Act?

The Pennsylvania DREAM Act is a tuition equity bill that if passed would allow all youth in Pennsylvania, regardless of immigration status, to pay in-state tuition rates at public institutions of higher education. The PA DREAM Act will provide many young people who have graduated from a high school in Pennsylvania or have received a GED the opportunity to pay in-state tuition rates. When passed, Pennsylvania will join the growing list of states in the nation to pass a state DREAM Act, which includes Illinois,Texas, Minnesota and Maryland.

What can I do to help?

There are a few thing you can do to help pass the PA Dream Act.

  1. Sign-on to the Free2Dream Campaign by filling out this form and returning it to us at Juntos.
  2. Take your own Free2Dream photo and upload it to the Free2Dream Tumblr or use the form below
     Make sure that your Free2Dream photo meets the following criteria:
    -A white/blank/plain background 
    -A piece of cloth/tape/ribbon across your mouth with your dream career written on it in red.
    (If you are an ally/supporter write your current career) 

    -The phrase “FREE 2 DREAM” written somewhere visible on your body in black marker/paint with the “2” in red 
    -A brief quote or message on why you think the PA DreamAct should be passed that includes your name and city where you live (This is to help show our state officials that all of Pennsylvania is supporting the PA Dream Act)
  3. Contact your local legislators and encourage them to support the PA Dream Act
  4. Tweet your support to your local legislator and use the hashtags #PASenate#Free2Dream , #PADreamAct , #PassPADreamAct
  5. Sign and share our Online Petition

Use the form below to upload your own Free2Dream photo/art/music
Go to to see all the Free2Dream photos to date