Day Laborers in Philadelphia; All workers have rights

Call Home Depot right now at (215) 537-6100 (press 0 for customer service)

tell them; “I am in support of the day laborers. Give these workers a designated space in the Home Depot parking lot. Enforcement will not stop a person from looking for work so invest in solutions that do work, like a designated space.”

Then sign our petition here! Home Depot has created recognized sites for day laborers in other cities, why not in Philadelphia? Tell Home Depot to stop wasting our tax money and officer’s time by creating and supporter a worker site today!



History of the Work

For the past eight years, day laborers have sought work from the Home Depot parking lot on Roosevelt Blvd. in Northeast Philadelphia. Anywhere from 30 to 100 workers wait everyday looking for work from local contractors and individuals who need them. These workers have not only supported the growth and expansion of our city but have also contributed significant revenue to Home Depot.  Yet, Home Depot’s new management, instead of working with the day laborers to establish trust, rather than support the workers and their safety, began to call the local police. This has resulted in workers being chased off the parking lot into dangerous traffic onto Roosevelt Boulevard, known for being one of the most dangerous intersections in the country. It has also resulted in some being ticketed, sometime for more than some of them earn in days of hard labor, or have had their cars impounded. This is income that should be used to support their families and feed their children.

Day Laborers seeking work by home improvement centers is not unique to Philadelphia, it is national phenomenon that has a long history in our country. What is clear is, police enforcement does not stop day laborers from looking for work, it just drives members of our community into deeper depths of poverty.  That is why we are demanding that Home Depot support day labors by allowing them to find work, safely.