A Day Without -Immigrant, Black, and Brown Bodies.

Philadelphia is a city that runs on communities of color- on black, brown, immigrant, and queer labor, on our income, and by our presence. Together, we make up almost 75% of the city. In a Trump administration, we are all under attack, we are all being criminalized and we all must fight to ensure that our cities become true sanctuaries for all of us. So we ask you to join us on May 1st, International Labor Day and official “Day Without an Immigrant” to make sure in Philadelphia it’s not just a day without immigrants but a day without immigrants, a day without black and brown bodies, a day without our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. This means:

Walkout! No school, no work, and don’t buy anything.

What would this city look like without us? Empty.
Let’s show them our power

March with us at City Hall at Noon!

If you want to help prepare materials for the rally join us a Juntos every Wednesday until May 1st to prepare- more information here


Your can donate at: gofundme.com/primerodemayo