Developing leadership and cultural pride is a central element of Juntos’ work in Philadelphia’s Latinx immigrant community. Since Juntos’ inception, we have partnered with community artists for arts-integrated social justice activities. We believe art is central to connecting with one another, raising awareness about social issues, and building power in our communities through cultural expression. The art and banners that have been created in collaboration with community leaders have been used for various marches and campaigns around the city. We look forward to continuing our community partnerships to offer additional arts and cultural programming.

Working with Erika Guadalupe Nuñez & Gerard Silva–both local queer Latinx artists—students learned screen printing and used it to create posters for campaigns, specifically for student walkouts focused on the school-to-prison pipeline that Juntos youth members helped organized. Youth also participated in a pop-up art making session for Juntos’ protest of the Illegal Tacos restaurant in Philadelphia.
Art-making is a highly engaging and successful strategy for working with youth leaders that Juntos plans to continue in the future.  Our partnership with Fleisher Art Memorial has been extremely positive and instrumental in integrating art into our social justice work.
Please contact resident artist Erika Guadalupe Nunez at if you are interested in becoming involved or facilitating an arts-integrated workshop for Juntos.